PART 2 starts with the "Boys R Back in Town" Cassette. It was limited to 100 and sold most of them at a show in willy t.'s basement, where i later lived for a year and a half or so, and where Rafiki's Vision was recorded. "Boys R Back" was recorded by Loney Hutchins at his house.

After the tape sold out we pressed our first "LP", we made 500 for our two month summer 2008 tour with Meemaw that we did in the veggie oil bus. Most of the LP is the "Boys R Back" recordings, but theres also a "Letho" song and some recordings from the radio in Rhode Island from our first tour in 2006.

Jamaica tape is a split with Reid and Wright. Some of it will be re-released soon. we performed these three songs once at Little Hamilton in nashville after recording them. We did the show under the name "Refreshing Myst". Theres 100 of them floating around somewhere. it was recorded to 4-track cassette.

Next we have 2 split 7"s that were released at the same time. The first is a split with Screaming Females that has "Bone Jam" plus a secret jam from Letho on our side. There was 300 of these, it never got re-pressed.

Then the split with Sisters, it features an over 6 minute long version of mind ride recorded by Loney Hutchins thats got hand drums, dual guitar solos, a gong, keyboards through wah wahs, etc etc. The art is front and back hand silkscreened by Sisters, it was a co-release with Death By Audio Records. It was also limited to 300 and never re-pressed.

Rafiki's Vision is an "album" we recorded in willy t's basement on my tascam 4-track cassette recorder. The last track on side A and all of side B was edited from a 25 minute improvisational piece called "Rafiki's Vision". It's one of my favorite things we've ever recorded.

Then we did a single that was on Crystal Swan Records, it was their only release. They pressed 300. Never re-pressed. The B-side was the CD only bonus track on Heavy Days.



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