We are putting the final touches on HEAVY DAYS. You can listen to a song from the new album here . We are back in nashville for a little while, more tour pictures soon... look at these pictures from our death by audio show with turbo fruits! leia jospe took them.


got a write up on this brooklyn blizzzzzzzog


here is a youtube link


This post is dedicated to our favorite drink, POCARI SWEAT. the only place that you can buy it in nashville is at this little korean market down the street from the snack palace. It keeps us going, keeps us hydrated, and tastes like heaven. if you ever see it around give it a try, you wont regret it. we also like pizza and sunn and acoustic amplifiers, elixir strings, vic firth drumsticks and death by audio pedals. (note: we are not endorsed by any of these products or companies. yet.)


this woman claimed that "it's ok to have dreads in asheville". we'll let you be the judge.


in asheville we saw:
an old woman blocking traffic in her electric wheelchair, a crazy guy that tried to fight us until we rolled out car window up, lots of dreadlocks, lots of hippy djembe street performers, a cheap nasty hot dog joint and and old woman doing tai chi. We also slept in a park and got free pizza. While we were playing wes made a tower of chairs and jake tried to climb it while he was playing a solo but he fell off and hurt is knee, it was bogus. Thanks to jamie and mark for hooking us up with the show and a place to stay, see yall in july.


We decided to make a music video last weekend for our song bone jam. On saturday jake and I hung out in this warehouse space downtown and built a 7 foot tall monster head and a couple of other things, then on sunday our friends came and we shot the whole thing, i just finished editing it but i thought we'd put up some behind the scenes stuff first. Thanks to david, jessica, whit, claire, dad, bill and cy for helping us on the shoot. It was really fun, we shot it on an 80's vhs camcorder so it looks pretty funny, we'll put up some behind the scenes footage soon Now go make yr own music video!


We forgot to tell you that we are on tour right now, with our friends turbo fruits. we played in knoxville last night with a cool band called nemoids. this is the only picture we took.
here are the rest of the dates:

18 knoxville, TN @ the pilot light
19 asheville, NC @ the new french bar
20 richmond, VA @ tinderbox
21 new brunswick, NJ @ meat town usa
22 new york, NY @ cakeshop
23 brooklyn, NY @ bruar falls
24 philladelphia, PA @ the khyber
26 brooklyn, NY @ death by audio


still in nashville, leaving soon with turbo fruits, we played a house show the other night that had 3 kegs and 400 jello shots, someone got electricuted while we were playing, and there was a big fight outside right after. if you were there you know how crazy it was, here is some footage.

more music videos coming soon.
got a little write up on canadian music site said the gramophone
don't forget about mercy lounge. thursday.


royal bangs flyer