I'm gonna try and post everything weve ever released here, this is part one.

"I Like You" CD-R was our first release. we were really young, i dont think its very good. it was recorded in the office at our parents house in 2001 i think.

then after that we did "Byzantine Empire" our second CD-R album. this was recorded in our parents living room im pretty sure. theres a 30 minute improv song smack in the middle of the album which was a weird decision to make during sequencing..

then we didnt do anything for a while and then in 2005 i think is when we did our first 7" which was 2 songs from the "Byzantine Empire". the 7" came with a DVD with 3 music videos on it.

then after that we finished up "Castle Storm" which we did on a real CD. i guess that came out in 2006 pretty sure, it was recorded at the castle studio in franklin thats on the cover of the cd. supposedly the castle is haunted which must be why i broke like 20 guitar strings. we recorded it in 2 days i think.

Before that we released a DVD called "ALIVE at the Basement" which was just a live DVD with some funny clips at the end. it was us playing most of castle storm at the Basement in Nashville. I think we made 100 of them.

then we did "The Brotherhood" CD-R which was on my other label Stoneham Tapes. Theres 33 copies of it. Then after that we decided to change our band name from "JEFF" to "JEFF The Brotherhood"


Laurent said...

Hey Jake, rad idea!
This is gonna help some of us completing our collection for sure!

Donald Drinkwater said...

Yeah this is a good idea. Too many people think "Heavy Days" is your first album.

Castle Storm 4eva!!!

While I'm venting, here's another thing that irritates me. When people think Jake or Jamin's name is JEFF. I heard this a few years ago "Jeff is a great guitarist and his brother "the brotherhood" is great too". I'm sorry but hearing stuff like this just gnaws at me.

Aundria said...

Thanks for sharing the old school stuff, I never knew there was stuff before Castle Storm. That DVD sounds amazing! too bad i found about you guys too late to get one. oh well :)

C said...

bringing any of those to Copenhagen?

Anonymous said...

Will you ever re-release any of these... at least the ones that were Cd-R's... I'd love to have 'I Like You' in my collection

ROD said...