HEAVY DAYS is finally out. I am very happy, we are all very excited. Thanks to all our friends who helped us, thanks to everyone that came out to the two release shows, we are gonna put up pictures soon. Thank you to everyone that came out to the infinity cat show at next big nashville, you really proved that we are all building something here together. Click that link for quotes and pictures of that. If you are in brooklyn on october 23rd then come to the charleston to see infinity cat reppin' hard with 5 nashville bands.
Heavy Days is out on LP only with a free download card, the first pressing is 500 copies (100 yellow, 200 mixed marble, 200 black) the 100 yellow are just about gone and you can only get themon the icr store here are some places to buy/download the record online...

infinity cat

if you live in nashville you can get it at grimey's or on saturday at the exit/in when we open for monotonix.

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